Deep In The Heart



Listen carefully: Can you hear your heart beat?

This is a film that holds your heart in its palm. It is a story of strong women and men in denial; it’s funny and sad, tender and gritty.

It reveals the growing toll on all our bodies of our sedentary, fast-food lives. Of how we live for today and pretend tomorrow never comes. But above all, it celebrates life and our will to survive.

Lisa, Ted, Greg and Pat face the emotional drama of major life-saving surgery that can add 20 years to their lives – but only if they can change the habits of a lifetime.

Like them, we all take health for granted. Because bad things happen to other people, not us.

Shhh. Do you sense your heart beating? Can you feel its rhythm coursing though your veins?


Randall Wright


Randall Wright has directed over 20 major documentaries, including the critically acclaimed Summer in the Forest, Hockney and the feature length Lucian Freud: A Painted Life, which won an RTS award for best arts documentary, a Grierson nomination, and BAFTA Robert Flaherty nomination.

Aled Jenkins

Director of Photography

Aled received a Welsh BAFTA in 2016 for Best Documentary Camera for his work on the BBC programme Patagonia. He studied Film and Photography at Plymouth Collage of Art and Design and worked as a photographer covering events such as the plight of the Kurds during the First Gulf War and in the Balkans.

Richard Wilson

Executive Producer

After a decade as BBC Environment Correspondent, Richard left to found Rockhopper Media where he has made more than 200 TV and cinema documentaries about health and social issues. He has won multiple awards in a career that stretches from the South Pole to community health care.

Esteban Uyurra


Esteban is an award-winning Documentary filmmaker best known for his editing work on Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer (short listed for a 2014 Academy Award), Love Hotel, Betty - They Say I’m Different, Hunted In Sudan and for his direction and cinematography of The Trial Of Saddam Hussein, Saving Saddam, and The Runner.



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